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Welcome to Cherry Picker Training, your top choice for Cherry Picker Training in West Yorkshire.

Our comprehensive training services cover both basic and advanced levels, ensuring that you are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to operate cherry pickers safely and efficiently.


We offer competitive pricing options and a variety of IPAF courses to choose from in West Yorkshire , making it easy for you to find the right training program that suits your needs.

Discover the benefits of our Cherry Picker Training in West Yorkshire and how we prioritise safety in all our courses.

Why Choose Us for Cherry Picker Training?

In terms of Cherry Picker Training in West Yorkshire, our expertise in IPAF certified courses sets us apart. Our commitment to providing top-notch training ensures that you receive the best instruction and certification available.

Our IPAF certification is highly regarded in the industry, showcasing our dedication to quality and safety standards. Our training courses are comprehensive, covering all aspects of operating cherry pickers efficiently and safely.

You’ll benefit from our experienced trainers who bring a wealth of knowledge and practical insights to each session, ensuring you learn the skills needed to operate these machines confidently.

What sets us further apart is the flexibility in our course schedules, allowing you to fit training into your busy schedule.

Our accreditation ensures that the certification you receive from us is recognised and respected across various industries, boosting your employability and credibility as a cherry picker operator.

Our Cherry Picker Training Services

Our Cherry Picker Training services in West Yorkshire encompass a wide range of equipment, including MEWPs, scissor lifts, and boom lifts. We offer comprehensive training programmes that cover the safe operation and maintenance of various powered access equipment.

Each training programme is meticulously designed to ensure that participants gain in-depth knowledge and practical experience with PAL cards.

Our focus on safety standards is paramount, and our experienced instructors guide trainees through hands-on training sessions and practical demonstrations.

Whether it’s mastering the controls of a scissor lift or understanding the safety protocols for operating a boom lift, our courses equip individuals with the skills needed to handle different types of cherry pickers confidently.

Basic Cherry Picker Training West Yorkshire

Our Basic Cherry Picker Training course options are designed to provide fundamental skills to aspiring operators.

These IPAF courses focus on operator training and aim to equip participants with the necessary knowledge to obtain their PAL card.

Participants in the Basic Cherry Picker Training courses go through a structured learning programme that covers essential topics such as safe operation, pre-use checks, emergency procedures, and working at height regulations.

The courses typically span a few days, combining classroom sessions to understand theoretical aspects with hands-on practical exercises.

Assessment methods may include written tests, practical demonstrations, and evaluations to ensure that learners have grasped the concepts effectively.

Advanced Cherry Picker Training West Yorkshire

For those seeking advanced expertise in cherry picker operation, our Advanced Cherry Picker Training in West Yorkshire offers in-depth knowledge on safety regulations and the attainment of an IPAF qualification.

This training is essential for obtaining a powered access licence.

Advanced Cherry Picker Training focuses on honing skills beyond basic operation, emphasizing advanced safety protocols crucial for elevated work platforms.

Participants learn cutting-edge techniques to handle complex scenarios and troubleshoot effectively, ensuring a secure work environment.

  • IPAF qualification requirements are met through comprehensive theoretical and practical assessments, verifying proficiency in utilising cherry pickers safely and efficiently.
  • Obtaining a powered access licence signifies adherence to industry standards, enhancing credibility and employability within the construction and maintenance sectors.

This specialised training not only elevates one’s career prospects but also provides a competitive edge in the job market by demonstrating superior proficiency in handling advanced machinery.

Costs of Cherry Picker Training

Our Cherry Picker Training costs are inclusive of certification, ensuring that participants receive accredited certification upon successful completion of the course. We provide transparent pricing structures and value for money in all our training programmes.

Participants have the option to choose from various pricing packages based on their specific needs and budget. The pricing options offer flexibility and accessibility to our high-quality training courses.

The inclusion of certification costs in the overall fee means that participants do not have to worry about any additional expenses after completing the training.

This straightforward approach highlights our commitment to providing a hassle-free experience for our trainees.

Which IPAF Cherry Picker Training Course is Right For Me?

Selecting the appropriate IPAF Cherry Picker Training course in West Yorkshire depends on your experience level and specific requirements.

Our IPAF 3a Training Course is tailored for beginners, while the IPAF 3b Training Course caters to more advanced learners, focusing on stringent safety regulations.

The IPAF 3a Training Course provides foundational knowledge on operating cherry pickers and emphasises basic safety protocols, making it ideal for individuals who are new to working at heights or handling lifting equipment.

In contrast, the IPAF 3b Training Course delves deeper into complex manoeuvres, advanced techniques, and intricate safety procedures required for experienced operators.

When deciding between the two courses, it’s essential to assess your current skill level and future goals. If you are just starting your career in aerial work platforms, the IPAF 3a Training Course offers a solid foundation to build upon.

On the other hand, if you are looking to enhance your expertise and tackle challenging tasks involving cherry pickers, the IPAF 3b Training Course is the perfect choice.

IPAF 3a Training Course

Our IPAF 3a Training Course combines theoretical knowledge with practical demonstrations to enhance operator safety and proficiency. Participants will learn the essential skills required to become a certified IPAF operator.

The course delves into a variety of topics, including machine familiarisation, pre-operational inspections, safe operation practices, emergency procedures, and basic maintenance tasks.

Through hands-on training, individuals develop a deep understanding of aerial work platforms and their proper usage.

Emphasis is placed on safety protocols, such as harness fitting, fall protection measures, and emergency descent procedures, ensuring that operators are equipped to handle various scenarios confidently.

The learning process involves a combination of classroom sessions, practical exercises, and assessments to gauge competency and readiness.

IPAF 3b Training Course

Our IPAF 3b Training Course is conducted at our state-of-the-art training centre and incorporates insights from the IPAF Global Safety Report. This course enhances participants’ practical skills and knowledge in operating cherry pickers safely and efficiently.

At our training centre, participants have access to cutting-edge equipment and facilities, ensuring a hands-on learning experience.

The integration of safety insights from the IPAF Global Safety Report provides a comprehensive understanding of best practices. Hands-on training sessions are a key component of the course, allowing participants to apply theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios.

Cherry Picker Training Benefits

Participating in our Cherry Picker Training programmes offers a multitude of benefits, including enhanced health & safety practices, proficiency in using personal protective equipment, and the option for ePAL for added convenience.

By enrolling in our training, individuals can significantly reduce workplace accidents and injuries by mastering safe operation techniques.

Proper knowledge of personal protective equipment ensures that participants can effectively safeguard themselves in various work environments.

With an ePAL certification, trainees can easily access their qualifications online, streamlining verification processes and enhancing overall efficiency in the field.

Cherry Picker Training Safety

Safety is paramount in our Cherry Picker Training programmes. We adhere to strict regulations governing powered access equipment operation and offer comprehensive harness training to ensure the safety of all participants.

Our commitment to safety in Cherry Picker Training extends beyond just meeting regulations. We instil a culture of vigilance and responsibility in all trainees when it comes to operating powered access equipment.

With a dedicated focus on powered access equipment safety, we ensure that every participant is equipped with the knowledge and skills to navigate potential risks confidently and securely.

Harness training plays a crucial role in this, teaching individuals how to properly secure themselves and prevent accidents, ultimately contributing to a safer workplace environment for all.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cherry Picker Training and why is it important?

Cherry Picker Training is a specialised training course designed to teach individuals how to safely operate and manoeuvre cherry pickers, also known as aerial lift platforms.

It is important because it ensures that operators have the necessary skills and knowledge to prevent accidents and injuries while using this equipment.

What does your Cherry Picker Training course cover?

Our Cherry Picker Training course covers a wide range of topics including the proper use and maintenance of cherry pickers, safety protocols, emergency procedures, and more.

We also offer practical hands-on training to ensure that participants are fully equipped to operate cherry pickers in real-life situations.

Who can benefit from Cherry Picker Training?

Anyone who is required to operate a cherry picker in their job can benefit from our training course. This includes construction workers, warehouse employees, and maintenance personnel. Some companies also require their employees to undergo this training as a safety measure.

How long does the Cherry Picker Training course take?

Our standard Cherry Picker Training course takes one day to complete. However, the duration may vary depending on the experience and skill level of the participants. We also offer refresher courses for those who need to renew their certification.

What sets your Cherry Picker Training apart from others?

At Cherry Picker Training, we are committed to providing top-notch Cherry Picker Training that goes above and beyond the basic requirements.

Our experienced instructors, interactive training methods, and state-of-the-art equipment set us apart from other training providers. We also offer competitive pricing and flexible training schedules to meet the needs of our clients.


Our Cherry Picker Training stands out for its emphasis on practical demonstrations, inclusion of IOSH training modules, and specialised MEWPs for Managers course, ensuring comprehensive skill development and safety awareness.

Our training programme is designed to provide participants with hands-on experience in operating cherry pickers, giving them practical skills that are essential for real-world applications.

The integration of IOSH training components ensures that safety is always a top priority, instilling a culture of risk awareness and mitigation.

Safety certification is a key focus throughout the training, highlighting the importance of following best practices and regulations to prevent accidents and promote a safe working environment.

Our specialised course for MEWPs Managers equips individuals with advanced knowledge and managerial skills to oversee operations and ensure compliance with industry standards.

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I recently completed a training session with Cherry Picker Training, and I must commend them for their exceptional program. The instructors were not only highly skilled but also very supportive and patient, ensuring that each of us understood the safety protocols and operational techniques.

Jason Reyna

West Yorkshire


Our company enrolled several employees in the Cherry Picker Training course, and the results have been outstanding. The trainers delivered the course content with great expertise and attention to detail, emphasising safety and efficiency.

Tom Wilson

West Yorkshire